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One Happy Divorce – Hold the Bullshit!

I’m sorry Y’all…

I’ve just been so busy!

I’m publishing my first book!

“One Happy Divorce – Hold the Bullshit!” 

Finally, it’s really happening. My very first book. It is real, I did it. Well, I’m doing it. I have the most incredible group of women working in my corner…they are sharp, and smart. All helping me get it done. It’s going to be dropping soon and I’m excited. Excited, and scared. Nervous! But above all else, I am proud.

I am proud of me. 

And at (almost) forty-five years old I can finally say a big, huge FUCK YOU to all the assholes who have been doubting me all this time. I wish I could publish this book without feeling so angry, and bitter. So filled with resentment. Launch this book with only happiness in my heart knowing that everyone is cheering me on wholeheartedly; not talking shit behind my back, laughing and snickering. Have faith that all my friends that I’ve supported over the years will show up at my event…or at least buy the dang thing.

But I can’t.

And it hurts that people are still saying things like,”A book tour? Really, C’mon. You do realize it’s only your first book, right?” Or,”Self-publishing? Don’t you have a book deal? You’ll never make a dime.” Don’t they realize I’m just doing the best I can? That 99% of the population have never published a fucking book. That I’m only trying to make my kids proud, and teach them to never give up on a dream.

Good thing I’m not a sensitive girl.

Good thing I don’t take things personally.

Ya, good thing.