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Millennials, You Suck at Divorce.

Millennials You Suck!  

(I think I’m about to lose my job. Those damn Millennials!)

They’ve finally started doing something right!

Yes, you heard me. I just got done reading an article that my Dad sent me from Bloomberg. Because of you pesky Millennials, the divorce rate is dropping! I can’t even believe it after all the annoying shit you do to piss me off…you’ve finally started doing something right! (Wait, am I a Millennial? No, ages 27-35. So close!) 

I should be clear that I am proud of y’all. Even if as a divorce and dating coach I will probably lose some of my future clientele. But here are the facts: ”Americans under the age of 45 have found a novel way to rebel against their elders: THEY ARE STAYING MARRIED.” How’s that for a big FU to their parents who decided to throw in the towel when they were in elementary school? I love it, and I’m totally impressed. I’m raising the roof, and hooting up a storm! If I could shout “YOU GO, Millennials!” I would. (Can I hear a “Hell YES”?)

And do you wanna know how these younger (and obviously smarter) Gen-Xers and especially Millennials are doing such a fabulous thing?

Well, hold on to your seats, and I’ll fill you in. According to this article in Bloomberg, as a result of them being pickier about who they are marring, getting married older in life when their careers and finances are on track, and just being all around more prepared in general, the divorce rate is dropping at a rate of  an astounding 18 percent from 2008 to 2016! Holy Matrimony, Batman!